JulieAnn Calareso, Esq. Presenter at Avila Retirement Community, Albany, NY

On February 12th at 2 PM, JulieAnn Calareso will be giving a presentation at Avila Retirement Community in Albany on Long Term Care Insurance. This presentation will assist people who wish to learn more about long term care insurance. She will discuss New York State Partnership for Long Term Care policies and compare them to traditional long term care insurance policies, identifying features of both types of policies that any current or prospective policy-holder should know about. She will also discuss the interplay between long term care insurance and Medicaid, and go through what “Extended Medicaid Coverage” means for persons with Partnership Policies. Questions are always welcome ahead of time to JulieAnn at jcalareso@burkecasserly.com. For more information contact Rhonda Ardia-Brown at (518) 640-9436.
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