Real Estate

Comprehensive representation paving the road that leads you home

"One travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."

–George Edward Moore

Whether the journey is personal or professional, finding the right place along the road to stop and rest is critical to that journey’s success. Burke & Casserly, P.C., can assist you in securing that perfect rest stop - whether it be your home, a vacation property or second home, or an office building. The purchase of real estate is often an integral part of an estate or business plan, and we offer full service real estate services to make the purchase less stressful for our clients. And when the time comes to sell that property, we can make the transaction flow smoothly as part of your overall estate or business plan. From initial contract negotiation through post-closing wrap up, the real estate staff at Burke & Casserly offer highly skilled, courteous and efficient service that is sure to ease the worries of any real property buyer or seller.

Burke & Casserly, P.C., offers all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions for individuals, corporations and other businesses, estates and trusts.

Services can include, if needed:

  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Title work, including arranging for title searches and clearing title issues
  • Title insurance through our companion company Hudson Valley Title Services, Ltd.
  • Deeds and supporting recording documents as required by law
  • Pre-occupancy agreements
  • Closing document preparation, including negotiation and calculation of closing settlement costs
  • Coordination of Closing schedule and ensuring all parties are prepared for the Closing Date
  • Representation at Closing and post-closing matters
  • Real estate litigation and contract claims, if needed
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